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Online Shopping – Tips on improving your shopping experience online
June 25, 2017
Tips to consider while shopping gifts online
June 28, 2017

Online shopping is one of the most promising functions of the internet today. Online toy shopping in particular is popular. It is now possible to compare prices on various toys, do research on new toys to hit the market, obtain toy safety information, get the best deals, and have your purchase delivered right to your doorstep, all with a few clicks of the mouse. In order to exploit the full shopping potential of the internet, it is necessary to take some precautionary measures and follow a few pointers and online shopping tips as listed below for a smooth online shopping experience.

The power of search:Search the internet for the best toys. Use the net as a tool to make the right toy choice. For example, if you are shopping for toys for babies, you can use a search engine like Yahoo or Google to search for the phrase “cool baby toys”. Look through the results obtained which will point you in the right direction. Vary the search phrase for example, instead of typing “best baby toys” you could try “popular baby toys” for a whole new set of results.

Know your Merchant: It’s a good practice to be familiar with the name or reputation of any company you’re dealing with. You can often find helpful information about online companies from Internet news sources, directories, and rating services. The Federal Trade Commission maintains a web site ( that provides many buyer’s guides, lists of tips, and links to helpful resources.

Buy Used:With online auctions (Example: , online classifieds (Example: Free Ads @ and websites devoted to selling previously-owned merchandise, you can take advantage of good prices on quality used merchandise. When buying used items online, you enjoy the increased selection that comes from sheer numbers.

Compare prices:Search for the same toy on various different sites to find where you can get the lowest price. You’d be amazed as to how the same toy can sell for such a big price difference. Some of the smaller toy sellers also keep a lower profit margin, so their prices are lower. Kmart and Wal-mart are also great sites to find bargain deals. Keep in mind the shipping costs of different sites may differ, so take into account the shipping charges when you are comparing the prices.

Find Good Deals, Coupons, Sales:There are many sites which aggregates deals, coupons and sales (Example: Hot Deals @ from various merchants and allows to find best deals, coupons, sales quickly and easily. One such site is and with these sites users often saves lot of time and money on the products and services that they buy online.

Validate site:Once you have found a website with lowest price in the toy you want to purchase, a good idea would be to call the telephone number listed on the site to find out whether they have the item in stock at that time. Sometimes websites do not update their day to day inventory, some pages on their site may be redundant and if by chance the toy is not available at that time, it would lead to a waste of your time and energy.

Multiple Shipping Discount:Some sites offer a shipping discount in case you purchase multiple items. Once again, you can call the contact number and find out from the customer service of that website if they offer any such discount.

Avoid Taxes:According to the law, you can only be charged sales tax if the seller or the chain of stores is located in the same State as you. It would help if you can find a seller located in a different state to avoid these extra charges.

Lowest shipping charges:While shopping online, you do have to pay shipping charges on most sites which are calculated after you checkout. It would be prudent to check the shipping charges before you enter your credit card number on the seller’s website. Some sites have lower shipping charges than others. Another factor which influences shipping charges is distance. Some sellers offer flat shipping fees no matter where you are located. But some of them may offer distance based shipping. For example if you are located on the east coast and the seller is on the west coast, you may incur higher shipping charges.

Discount Coupons:Keep an eye open for discount coupons either listed on the seller’s website itself, or elsewhere on the internet. Most coupons are highlighted on the seller’s homepage. In case you are looking for third party coupons for the seller, you can do a search online for coupons. Also, you can call the seller and ask customer service if they offer any discounts.

Protect your privacy:Know what information the merchant is collecting about you, how it will be used, and if they share it with or sell it to others. You can do this by checking the web site to make sure there is a privacy policy posted, and that you’re comfortable with the way your personal information is treated under that policy. Look for seals from privacy enforcement organizations like TRUSTe or BBBOnLine. Be cautious if you were asked to supply personal information not needed to make a purchase, such as your Social Security number or personal bank account information.

Get the Details:Check for expected delivery dates, shipping and handling fees, warranties, return policies, and other important information. Look for an email address to write to (or a phone number to call) if you have a question, a problem, or if you need help.

Use a Credit Card and Safeguard Your Password: It’s a good practice to pay with credit cards, because under federal law (and your credit card agreement) your liability for an unauthorized charge is limited to $ 50. When using a credit card online, look for an unbroken key or padlock (a graphical icon usually located in the bottom corner of the web page), or for a policy that indicates use of strong security technology such as SSL. This indicates that your credit card data is transmitted securely. Keep your passwords safe, and don’t share them with other people.

Keep Good Records: Make sure to print or save electronically any records related to your online transactions. This will help you keep track of shipping dates, shipping and handling fees, and other details of your transactions.

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